Cassie Gombeda – Registered Veterinary Technician

Cassie Gombeda

Cassie Gombeda, RVT began working in the animal care field in May 2004, and joined our team at the Guernsey Veterinary Clinic in March 2011.  She attended college for four years studying business and veterinary technology.  She graduated from Columbus State in 2008.  Her strongest professional interest is in animal behavior.

Cassie and her husband live just outside Kipling with their 9 pets: 4 dogs, 4 cats, and a leopard tortoise.

Cassie has a long history in animal rescue; in addition to working in animal shelters, she also took in over 60 animals into her home from 2005-2008, rehabilitated and found homes for them all.  Most of these animals had either severe behavioral or medical issues, were considered unadoptable by the shelters she worked in, and were scheduled to be euthanized.  These experiences are what motivated Cassie to study veterinary technology; she found a great sense of purpose helping those that everyone else had given up on, and giving love to the animals deemed “unlovable” or “unfixable”.  Giving animals a voice through client education, and improving quality of life for animals are now her two main career goals.

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