Twenty-four cages and ten large runs comfortably accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes.  Our kennel is very open so that the dogs may see what is going on around them.  Each run also has a raised platform, and every pet gets his or her own bed.  Each dog is walked several times daily in a fenced exercise area behind the hospital.  Cats are housed separately from the dogs so that any barking does not frighten them.  Pets may be admitted or picked up during any of the Hospital’s regular hours.  Pets must be up-to-date on all vaccinations. Advance reservations are requested. Payment in full is requested at the time of your pet’s release.

Daily Boarding Fees:

Please note that additional charges may apply if your pet requires medications to be given while boarding, and/or if they are a diabetic. Any examinations, vaccinations, or other services requested will also be an additional charge. All animals are given a Capstar (flea pill) upon arrival to ensure that no bugs are spread during their stay.

Cats (all sizes) $9.00
Dogs 1 to 25.9 lbs $11.00
Dogs 26-50.9 lbs $13.00
Dogs 51-75.9 lbs $15.00
Dogs 76 lbs+ $17.00