Facilities & Equipment


Digital radiology allows us to evaluate your pet’s condition quickly and efficiently through the most advanced radiology techniques available.  In the event of a referral to a veterinary specialist (eg: MedVet), we can easily burn your animals x-rays to a disc for you to take with you.

Surgery Prep Room

Our surgery prep area provides our doctors and technicians the necessary time, space, and equipment to prepare for surgery before moving your pet to the surgery suite.

Surgery Suite

Spacious, bright, clean, and fully equipped it allows us to perform minor procedures to the very delicate and intensive surgeries. Our surgical equipment includes extensive patient monitoring (VetSpecs), and two surgical lasers. We also have three anesthetic machines and two surgical tables.

Surgical Laser

The surgical laser essentially acts as a substitute for a scalpel during surgery. Benefits of using a laser include reduction in the bleeding, trauma, swelling, and pain caused my more traditional methods. This allows your pet to have not only a shorter recovery time, but also a less painful recovery in general. Using a surgical laser also reduces the chance of infection significantly. We have seen the most significant benefits with our laser declaw procedures in cats. This is just another example of how our clinic uses the leading available veterinary medical equipment to give your pet the best possible care.


IDEXX Chemistry Suite Our in-house IDEXX Chemistry Analysis Suite gives us the ability to have diagnostic information within just a few minutes. Having a microscope allows us to complete a wide array of lab work in house for your convenience. This also allows for faster results, meaning we can diagnose and treat your pet faster; this means a much quicker road to recovery for your furry friend!


We have a separate isolation room to house hospitalized patients that may have a condition that is contagious to other animals.